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How to choose hair scissors for cutting hair

June 02, 2022

Well isn't this the million dollar question... How do you choose hairdressing scissors? With so much choice between different types of hair cutting scissors out there, how do you choose the right pair of scissors for you?

Don't you wish sometimes that someone will come along and go “here you go” these are the most perfect hairdressing scissors for you in every way! This is just a fantasy though, because unless this mysterious person knows your whole hairstylist life story, then they can’t possibly recommend the best hair scissors for you! Unless they have gone ahead and asked you the right questions of course.

So what are the right questions or the most important information to know about yourself when choosing the most perfect hair shears for you? Well that's what we are going to talk about today.

What kind of Hair Stylist are you?

Seems like a very silly question when you think of it, but to know what hairstylist someone may be, would be to know what type of hair cutting scissors would be useful to them.

For example a barber would need a barber shear. Barber scissors are traditionally a longer shear and made from stronger steel. There are all different types of barber scissors too which will be talked about through the rest of the blog.

Are you Left or Right handed? Because having the correct hair scissors for you left or right handed, will make cutting much more comfortable for you. For example... Right handed scissors for you righties and Left handed scissors for you lefties.

Do you specialize in cutting? Because if you do you might want to look and Slide Cutting Scissors or Texturizing Scissors. Every hairdresser should have a pair of Thinning Scissors because these are universal to use on all clients and well they are a game changer!

Are you training to be a hairdresser... or just starting Hairdressing College? Then maybe not getting those expensive scissors first and either looking to buy Apprentice Hair cutting scissors.

What size shear do you need?

The size of shear you need depends on either what type of shear you are using or the size of your hands. For example longer hairdressing scissors are typically seen in Barber Shears where standard to smaller sized shears are seen to be used by any other type of hair cutting.

Normally women have smaller hands so they are more comfortable working with sizes 5.5 to 6 inch shears. Men normally have larger hands so they are more comfortable working with 6 inch shears and above.

With that, there is one hair cutting technique that women's stylists love to use their barber shears for and that's blunt cutting bob's.

Barber Hairdressing Shears are normally 6 inches or larger, so when trying to find the best Barber Hairdressing Shears for you then it depends on what size you are most comfortable with and what size hands you have. If you have larger hands then, 6.5 inches to 7 inches are the best size for larger hands or those who prefer working with longer scissors. Where a 6 Inch Barber Shears are typically for standard sized hands and are still quite a comfortable size to work with.

What Scissor Handle is best for you?

Having a comfortable pair of scissors relies heavily on the handle. Think of it like this... If you brought an uncomfortable pair of shoes that you did not wear in overtime and got even more uncomfortable, would you continue to wear them? Well the same goes with a pair of scissors, you want a pair of scissors that are comfortable to work with and not damaging to those poor arms and body.

Not only are your scissors handles important to the care for your body while cutting but your posture while cutting is important too. So let’s go through these Scissors handles and see which one sounds best for you.


A classic handle is a handle where the two finger handles are aligned. This handle style is an older handler style and is not a common type of handle anymore. Classic handles are most commonly used in training scissors as the classic grips are comfortable to train with.

Although with repetitive cutting a classic handle will not be comfortable for you as a long standing shear. You will find that a classic style may cause cramping in your wrists and hands, as there are no ergonomic components to these shears.


Offset Handles are the most common design and designed in a way to be more comfortable while cutting. Why is it more comfortable? Because the design allows your thumb and fingers to rest in a comfortable way while cutting. There is a slight bend in the handles which again allows a more natural and comfortable position for your thumb.

By having a comfortable hand placement in your handles it helps with other parts of your body like your wrist, arms and shoulders.


The Crane handle is a design that is not as common and your Offset design. The design is much different as it allows all your fingers to lay flatter while cutting and your thumb to relax. The Crane handle is a comfortable design for those who have developed shoulder and wrist injuries. This is a design which requires you to drop your elbow while cutting, so you can have the best possible posture while cutting.


Swivel Shears are a design that allows your thumb to move freely while cutting. How is this possible? Well the design of a swivel shear means that the thumb ring can rotate. This design also allows you to also rest your elbow in a lower position while cutting which has major benefits to your shoulder, arm and back.

Swivel shears were designed for those hairstylists that suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI Injuries. Back in the day when getting a diagnosis like Carpal Tunnel or RSI meant that it was too painful to continue on with your career, but not anymore.

So even if you have these Injuries at the start of your career or develop it over time, you know this will be the best option for you.

Do you have any pains while cutting?

Well do you have pains while cutting? Because cutting should not be painful.

As mentioned earlier, you can develop conditions like RSI or Carpal Tunnel which are normally diagnosed by a doctor. The first sign of these conditions is a weakness in your thumb, which can make your grip weaker. These conditions can cause further pain to your wrist, hand, shoulders and even your back sometimes.

As mentioned already... back in the day if you were diagnosed with such a condition then that could have meant to be the end of your career. Luckily now you can buy scissors to prevent these conditions or help ease the pain or your condition so you continue on cutting.

Swivel Shears

Swivel Scissors are really the best hair scissors for those hairdressers suffering from injuries because these scissors are designed for them! The rotating thumb takes the train off your hands, finger and wrist. This shear also allows you to drop your whole arm and elbow which improves your posture while cutting. Not only are these made in straight ended blade shears but they are also available in thinning scissors.

Ergo or Super Ergo

Ergonomic shears or Ergo Shears are hairdressing scissors that are designed for comfort. An Ergo Shear is a great option for Barbers looking to take strain off their wrist, arm, shoulder and back. Not only are they made in Barber shears but also other shorter hairdressing scissors. By the way the handles are set and the extra comfortable finger rest, their shears are a great alternative to Swivel Shears.


Reversible shears are really designed for those hairstylists that like to cut with both hands but only with one shear. The reason we have included them in our list is because naturally, if you are cutting with both hands and not just one then you are going to give one hand a break while cutting with the other.

Are you a colourful person or do you prefer the classics?

The reason we ask you this question is because of all the beautiful colour coated shears that are available here at Scissors Tech. Gone are the days where you could only get silver or stainless steel coloured shears, now there is a colour for every type of hair stylist.

Ending with a BANG

Hairdressing scissors are an important part of your abilities to be or become the best hairdresser you can be. The most important things to know while choosing a pair of hairdressing scissors for you is everything that we have mentioned today.

Another important part is knowing that Japanese Steel or German Steel are the best steel in the world for hairdressing scissors.

But what is the point of investing in a great pair of hairdressing scissors but then not taking the time to clean and sharpen them regularly, because blunt cutting shears will do you no favors.

If you are ever unsure or need further help finding the best professional hairdressing scissors for you then please feel free to contact one of our friendly Customer Service representatives.

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