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How Often Do You Need A Haircut And Why?

March 11, 2024

Now here's a topic with so many different answers, why because WHO is asking the question? There are many different reasons as to why you need to get a new haircut in a different time frame to another. A few examples are..

Do you need a haircut to keep your hair healthy from split ends? How often do you need to trim your bangs? How often do you need to upkeep a short back and sided barber style? All the answers to these questions would be vastly different. Some people's hair naturally grows faster than others and you especially notice this when you have short hair.

Where long hair may need a trim quicker then another person due to poor maintenance at home like, not using a heat protectant or not treating your hair properly at home which results in the hair splitting quicker and you needing to go and get a haircut sooner than most.

We will go through all different scenarios for you to hopefully answer everyone's question on "how often you need your haircut".


Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles are the easiest hairstyles to maintain because out of all the different hair lengths and hair types.. Long hair generally can wait longer between haircuts.

Long hair necessarily only needs to be trimmed the moment you find the ends to become dry and split at the ends. If your hair is naturally in good condition you can really space out a hair trim anywhere between 3-6 months.

The 3-6 month time frame really consists of the health of your hair, how well you maintain the health at home and of course when you notice those split ends showing up.

Medium length hair

Much like long length hair, medium length hair requires less maintenance. The only difference is that a medium length hairstyle may grow out faster which means getting a haircut closer to every 3 month rather than 6 months would be more ideal.

If you have a medium hair length hair style that grows out of shape quicker than 3 months then you would just get a cut sooner.

If you're trying to grow your hair from medium to long hair, it's recommended that you get baby trim (small amounts off the ends) every 8-10 weeks. This is so that even before the split ends start forming and travelling further and further up the hair shaft, you are able to catch that before it happens. 

When you have baby trims more frequently instead of normal trim's less frequent this means the hairdresser will not need to cut off as much, resulting in your hair growing faster.

Short hair styles

Short hairstyles' are a harder one to maintain as you notice the haircut grows out of shape much faster than any other style.

This is not a hairstyle you need to cut to maintain split ends, this is a hairstyle you cut to maintain the shape of the hairstyle, so that it's easier for you to manage.

Maintaining a short hair style would need to be cut anywhere between 4-6 weeks and even sooner if your hair grows fast. But on average most people upkeep their short hairstyles every 4-6 weeks.

Shaved barber styles

Ever seen those cool skin fades or really short barber hairstyles that look so crisp cut and clean, well these hairstyles are the most work out of all the hairstyles to maintain. You could call these customers "high maintenance".

These sorts of hairstyles require you to get a haircut every 1-2 weeks. Yes, you heard us correctly! every 1-2 weeks.
Why so often you are probably thinking.. well it's simple really when the hair is this short you notice in a week any hair growth. For a haircut like these the aim of the game is to always keep it at its shortest, so you have to keep going back.

Fringe trims

Now when it comes to cutting your fringe then the time frame on this one comes down to personal preference and again how fast you hair grows.

If your fringe is short enough to be above your eye level and you hate the hair being in your eyes then you may want to get a fringe trim every 2-3 weeks.

If your hair sits below your eye level and you don't mind when it grows out then you could really push out a fringe trim for anywhere between 3-6 weeks.

If your fringe is below your jawline and more like a face frame rather than a fringe, then you could really wait until next time you get a haircut.

Curly hairstyles

When it comes to having spiral curly hair it's important that you use lots of home moisturizing hair treatments in between cuts.

The first thing a curly hair god or goddess will notice is their ends becoming dry which will prompt them to go get a haircut. We would recommend you get a trim every 3-4 months to keep the life and shape to those curls.

When your hairstyle grows out of shape someone with curly hair would not really notice or focus on this unless they get a bad haircut. A bad haircut and the shape growing out faster would mean that the layers were not cut in properly and the haircut starting to resemble a triangle shape.

So if the hair is starting to literally grow outwards out of shape then you may go and get your layers fixed sooner.

Thick hair type

Thick or coarse hair is another one that's dependent on so many different factors.

Firstly if you have super thick hair texture that also grows fast then you may find that you need that hair thinned out again around the 8-10 week mark. Sometimes your previous hairstylist may not have thinned out as much as you normally like or need which would mean you would need to go back sooner.

Then you may be someone with thick hair that doesn't thicken up as quickly as others which means the 3 month time frame between haircuts would be perfect timing for you.

Damaged hair

Having damaged hair can be a stressful problem to have, especially if you're not willing to lose the length to try to somewhat grow it out or start again.

Unfortunately there's no quick fix for damaged hair, if your hair has been chemically damaged or burnt from heat styling then the affected area does need to be cut off.

From there you would find the split end would over time start to travel further up your hair shaft so we would recommend going back to your hairstylist in 4 weeks to start having trims. This will take some time going back every 4-6 weeks for baby trims but over time your hair will be able to get back to its natural health again.

Until the end..

Getting a regular trim is always a recommendation but sometimes the frequency of a haircut is really dependent on the person. 

If you have a great relationship with your hairdresser that has really been able to get the time to learn and understand your hair, this would be a time when they would most likely be able to tell you how often you should be seeing them.

What we may all agree on is that the more often you get your hair trimmed, the more likely you are to have beautiful and healthy hair.

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