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How Many Teeth Is Recommended To Have On My Thinning Scissors

October 24, 2022

When shopping for new or your first pair of Thinning Shears or Blending Shears that are also referred to as Blending Shears, the possibilities are endless. The possibilities are endless because you can get long thinning shears, short thinning shears, double sided thinning shears, single sided thinning shears and even reversible thinning shears to name the few..

But the real question we ask here today is "How many teeth should Thinning hair Scissors actually have?"

The real answer to that question could really be followed up with more questions because to know the answer of this question. You need to really figure out your intentions for your own ideal purpose when you are shopping for Thinning scissors.

You need to understand what more or less teeth will do for you and why some shears will have more or less than others. There really is a broad range of the "right amount" for haircutting, but does it really impact the end result?

What are teeth on Thinning Shears?

The notches on a Thinning Shears are nicknamed teeth because well, just looking at them, they do look like very fine teeth don't they?

Thinning scissors work to create the most beautiful blend when you are trying to finish off a haircut by thinning thick hair or softening excess hair from a haircut. The teeth are designed to cut a percentage of the hair which can result in softened any blunt lines in a haircut.

It's best to use your Thinning Shears on dry hair as this will create a softer blend for you. Wet hair tends to bunch together making it hard for the teeth to cut through and sometimes break. so always use your thinning shears on dry hair.

How many Teeth do Thinning scissors have?

Thinning Shears don't need to have an exact amount of teeth to be the best blending shear there is, but there definitely is a guide to how many they should have to be the perfect size for you.

A good size Thinning Shear can have anywhere between 30-40 teeth on one side of the shear. Some designs have more or less depending on the thickness or size of the teeth but your average or traditional size Thinning Shears will always have between 30-40 teeth.

Smaller Thinning Shears can have as little as 25 teeth, which could be a blade smaller than 5 inches or the width of the teeth could be wider than normal.

What size Thinning Shear do I need?

The best size Thinning Shear for you comes down to the size of your hands.

If you have larger hands or working as a barber than the best size Thinning Shear to use would be anything 6 inches or larger. If you're a salon stylist or generally have smaller hands and cut all types of clients then you will find a 5-5.5 inch Thinning Shear the most comfortable.

With that some hair stylists that specialize in cutting enjoy a selection of sizes in their tool kit as one size may be quicker or easier to work with than another size. This would all depend on the hair cutting technique or the client you are cutting.

What's the difference between double and single sided Thinning Shears?

The first obvious difference would be that a single sided Thinning Shear only has teeth one side and a double sided Thinning Shear has teeth both sides.

Firstly they both remove up to 35% of each section with one cut so that would mean not one type of Thinning Shear would cut more than the other.

Some stylists have found that the double sided blending shear would actually cut the clients hair without any demarcation lines. If you're not careful with a single sided Thinning blending shear then you can create lines of demarcation lines in the haircut.

Personally we think it comes down to the way you angle and work with the blending shears to avoid any demarcation lines.

So if you're trying to decide on which shear would be better for you, we think that either choice is a great choice but why not get both and see for yourself?

What are the different types of hair Thinning scissors

As we have touched on at the start, there are so many different types of Thinning Shears. Some remove more hair than others and some have ergonomic benefits for you as a stylist too. So below we have listed all the different types of Thinning scissors you may come across while searching for the best pair for you.

  • Traditional hair Thinning hair Scissors - Removes up to 35% of hair
  • Double sided Thinning Shear - Removes up to 35% of hair
  • Reversible Thinning shears - Removes up to 35% of hair
  • Swivel Thinning shears - - Removes up to 35% of hair
  • Texturizing Shears - Removes up to 50% of hair

When we mentioned that a hairdressing shear can have ergonomic benefits for you, what that means is basically they are more comfortable to work with.

For example if you were to use a Thinning Shear with a Swivel Thumb this would benefit you if you suffered from RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or even just general aches and pains while cutting. The Swivel Thumb allows you to cut in a more natural position and takes strain off any painful areas around your hand.

Another Ergonomic shear would be a reversible Thinning Shear. A reversible shear is designed for those who are left and right brained and can cut using both left and right hands. The reason these are so beneficial to your hands and body is that by switching your hands, you're naturally taking any strains off one hand to another.

Lastly the texture shears with larger and fewer teeth will create a chunkier weight removal and best used for more textured styles.


So by reading now to the end of the blog you will probably agree that there's not one number of teeth that a blending shear should have and more of a guideline around how many they should have.

As mentioned above every hand size is different and if your hands are larger this would mean you would be more comfortable with a larger shear that would result in more teeth.

So as long as you stay in the range of 25-40 teeth depending on your hand size, then these are the right amount of teeth on the hair shears for you.

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