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High Or Low Quality Haircutting Shears - Which Should You Choose?

November 28, 2022

When it comes to purchasing hairdressing scissors you certainly get what you pay for.

If you compare low quality scissors to high quality hair cutting shears then the price and craftsmanship would be clear as day, So If you can afford to you should see purchasing hair cutting shears as an investment into you career.

We don't think there's ever a time or a scenario where we actually would advise you that low quality hair cutting shears is a smart purchase and the more you will read, the more you will understand why.

What makes hair cutting scissors high quality?

When we think of what makes the best and highest quality hair cutting shears we have a mental checklist for 3 different components.

  1. The type of Steelis the main factor as to why certain types of hairdressing scissors are more expensive than another. The most expensive steel is your high quality Japanese stainless steel.
  2. Craftsmanshipis an important part to creating the best hairdressing scissors. The workmanship on scissors is best when they are hand-forged and more expensive too. When you have scissors that are machine made (cast of stamped shears) they are usually less sharp and inexpensive. 
  3. Longevity The best of the best hair cutting scissors offer a lifetime warranty. If you have purchased expensive hair cutting scissors that offer a lifetime warranty, this is due to the fact that the manufacturer believes they will last you through the years of your career. Although nothing last forever and ever, you can be rest assured that a lifetime warranty just means the best quality.

What makes hair cutting scissors low quality?

Low quality scissors can actually be a waste of money in the long run due to you having to replace your scissors so frequently.

Price matters when shopping for shears, if the price is really low and seems too good to be true believe your gut instincts. Rarely will the price be so low that the quality doesn't come into question somehow.

Another sure sign that you have low quality hair cutting scissors is that if the scissor blade feels blunt or wears easily, this would mean the steel is very low quality.

Lastly, what makes hair cutting scissors low quality will always come down to the origin of steel, how they are made and how long they last.

Let's talk about Scissor Steel

Knowing the best steel for hairdressing scissors is your best bet to knowing what you get at the very least the best quality hair scissors for your budget.

When it comes to making a good quality shear there are so many different alloys and elements that make up a good quality pair of hair cutting shears. Different elements all bring different strengths to the table that can be combined with a Japanese steel with the main goal to make that steel be the best it can be for you and your hairdressing scissors.

  • Carbon is the main ingredient to harden the steel.
  • Molybdenumis added to also toughen the steel but protect it from corrosion caused by chemicals that can dull your shears.
  • Manganeseis added also for strength but mainly to the blade so it can maintain its sharp edge for longer.
  • Chromiumcan also protect against corrosion but also adds a heat protection to the steel through the forging process.
  • Vanadium will add extra toughness so that the hair cutting scissors can maintain their set and balance.
  • Cobalt andTitaniumare added for extra hardness but also to decrease the weight and normally added to only the best stainless steels.

So you can see that these extra added ingredients that go into making your shears are designed to protect and get the most out of the desired steel that they will be mixed in with.

Japanese steel

Japanese Stainless Steel is by far the best hairdressing scissors steel in the world for hairdressing scissors. You can get different grades of Japanese steel that will change the price and quality of the steel but generally the majority of the Japanese steel will be of the highest quality.

The highest and most expensive grade of Japanese steel is the Hitachi ATS-314 steel as it is the finest Japanese steel there is. Your medium range but still very high quality Japanese steel ranges anywhere from 440A to 440c. Above the 440 grade you also have Cobalted Japanese steel which is a high quality steel that normally has the high price tag to match that.

German Steel

Is a close second to the Japanese steel and known for its hard and robust nature to their steel.

You will see German steel used in well known scissors brands around the world. German steel is popular in Barber scissors due to the toughness of the steel. You will also find German steel would be great for a beginner that is learning while cutting hair as they tend to drop and wear down shears and a German steel will withhold that.

Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian steels

Korean Taiwanese and Chinese steel are not terrible and are decent enough but they are a softer steel which means they are prone to breaking easily.

Pakistani and Indian steels are the lowest grade and are very difficult to stay sharp or even to be sharpened.

Why to buy online

Buying online would mean you have more to choose from in regards to quality of shears as an online store is able to really showcase and sell the best of the best which is harder to stock in a retail store. Due to online competitors you will find that by dropping out the middleman you may actually be able to pick up better quality scissors that are cheaper than if you found them in a retail store.

Always make sure before purchasing online or even in store that there is a returns policy just in case, as trying before you buy can mean you're getting the right pair to suit your needs.


So we are guessing now we all agree on the importance of investing in good quality shears over low quality. If your budget allows you to then you should always do your research and buy the best quality shears you can find to suit your needs.

If you have any more questions and would like further advice we are always happy to hear from our customer and our friendly customer service team are focused on finding the right and best quality pair of scissors for you.

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