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Do You Need Other Accessories To Go With Your Scissors

November 21, 2022

I mean who doesn't love a good accessory like a cute designer bag or shoes!

In hairdressing and barbering there's also accessories that every hairstylist should have and other accessories that they may not need, but just really make sense. You want to look the part while cutting and if you can look cute and stylish too while hair cutting .. then why not?

Every stylist is always focused on the next big trend in hairdressing scissors, or hairdryers, hair foil or maybe that balayage tool but what about the basic accessories that you may just need to protect your hair cutting scissors. 

With so many hair cutting scissors you're going to need a safe place to store them, or know how to care for them and you're going to want to look good while doing it.

Today we will go through the top accessories we think you will need or benefit from while cutting hair, so let's just get straight into it.

Scissors case

Your hair cutting scissors can be in most cases the most expensive tool you own, (unless you own a Dyson hairdryer). 

Really you need to protect that investment and what better way to do that then investing or actually using your hairdressing scissors case.

This Accessory will protect your hairdressing scissors from breaking if you are clumsy and your hairdressing scissors are prone to falling from surface areas. 

If you get in the habit of actually fastening your hairdressing scissors in a hair cutting scissors case while you're not using them, then they will always be protected.

You also don't want those scissors scooting around in the bottom of a tray or cupboard and exposed to unnecessary dirty or loose hair. Like you, your scissors don't actually like to be dirty and by keeping them in a case you can keep them clean.

Scissors cases are not waterproof so be mindful to keep the case away from any wet areas or spray bottles. Water = Corrosion, so try avoiding that.

Scissor holster pouch

Not only does a scissors holster look super cool and professional but it's also very functional. A scissor holster is another way to ensure you don't drop your scissors while changing over different types of hairdressing scissors while hair cutting.

Having your scissors securely fastened around your waist while changing them over during a haircut just makes sense! You don't have to worry about putting them in your trolley or tall surfaces that can fall, all you do is just reach down to your waist to secure or remove the hair cutting scissors.

A scissor holster pouch can be used by barbers and salon hairdressers and they can even hold sectioning clips and hair cutting combs too.

Station Mats

Okay Stations Mat's do really just look like they are for show, especially when they are available in pretty colors, but don't let that fool you. Station mat's are actually a smart investment for a couple of reasons.

Station mats are designed to drain away any spilt water so your hairdressing tools are protected and are also slip proof so your tools and hair cutting scissors can grip onto the mat and not slip from the surface.

Cutting combs

Your hair cutting comb is not really an accessory but more like a necessity. What makes a cutting comb into an accessory is getting them cool fun colors or designs. 

You have so many different styles and trends when it comes to cutting combs.

A cutting comb is really a personal preference just like the type of hair cutting scissors you choose. You will always have your favorite type and continue to replace that favorite type when the time comes to.

Scissor care kit

This is an accessory that every stylist should own, but may not need to show off like the others. 

A maintenance kit scissors care kit is so important to use for your hair cutting scissors regularly due to the fact that your scissors need to be maintained.

A maintenance kit should include scissor oil, a cleaning cloth, scissor ring inserts and a tension key. 

Luckily for you these are included for free with every new pair of Scissors Tech hairdressing scissors!

Every hairdresser should be using your scissor oil at least once a week and cleaning cloth every day to remove dirt and hair from your shears. 

Scissor oil is one of the most important accessories to have in their tool kit as keeping the scissor blades lubricated is one of the most important tricks to do to prolong the life of your shears.


Nobody likes the feeling of hair all over themselves and especially when it's itchy and can give you hair splinters. What better way to avoid that than to wear an Apron and a stylish one!

Whether you use an Apron for cutting or coloring an apron can most definitely be seen as an accessory. 

You can get Aprons in a Denim material, clear plastic types, or a waterproof material. Although we do not sell these, they really are an easy accessory to find if you know all the right places to shop.

If you are one that wears good clothes to work and want to be able to protect your clothes somehow, then an Apron is the way to go.

Hairdressing Scissors

Really these are the best accessory of all if you ask us! Now we know you may think well to be able to cut hair you need hair cutting scissors and you're not wrong there! but what turns a necessity into an accessory is having fun with your tools.

What we mean about having fun with your hair cutting scissors is to go for cool quirky styles or colors. 

Here at Scissor Tech we have all the coolest designs and colours to suit all different hairstylist tastes and needs. Your client's hair deserves the best quality shears and you deserve the best scissors too.

Here at Scissors Tech we make sure you're always getting the best quality steel for the best possible price, so if you can also get the hottest or coolest colors too then it's a win, win.

Needing is close to wanting, so needing an accessory for your new scissors can be a necessity or maybe you need convincing that you need it. 

So at the end of the day.. If an accessory is going to protect your investment, make your life easier or just genuinely happy at the end of the day then it is something you need.

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