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Different types of hair cutting scissors

December 02, 2021

There are all different types of hair cutting scissors used for all different ways of cutting hair. When choosing the right pair for yourself, you need to have the basic knowledge to ensure you pick the correct scissors for you, but sometimes that knowledge can only take you so far. I mean we may have all seen those texturizing scissors or Swivel scissors.. but do we really know more about them other than how they feel when using them and what they look like?

Being a hairstylist means that we learn all all the different hair trends and what scissors we could use to achieve those hairstyles, but do we really know if there is a better suited shear out there for us that can most definitely make cutting easier for you?

Here we will go over all the "Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors" and hopefully if you make it to the end of the article (with a light giggle here and there) you will know which style of scissors sound right for you.

Standard style's

Barber scissors

Barbering scissors are traditionally 6 Inches or longer, so when choosing a length we recommend the bigger the hand the bigger the shear. The reason why the Barbering scissors are long blades is because it makes it easier and faster to use them while using the scissor over comb cutting barbering techniques. FYI.. 5.5 inches and shorts and traditionally used as ladies cutting scissors.

Thinning hair Scissors

Or as we like to call them, softening scissors because when used correctly they can take out the bulk of the hair to soften and finish any haircut on any hair type. Just always be extra careful with thinner hair. The greatest cutting hair techniques are created using these hair thinning scissors.

Texturizing hair Scissors

Awesome for an obvious texture haircut, for super thick hair to take out bulk (near root area) or for curly hair to take out bulk without making the hair frizz out like normal thinners.

Ergo Support

Is designed to mold your hand for the ultimate hair cutting control. These Shears are traditionally designed for barbers wanting complete control over their scissors. So if you like to be in control.. these are the scissors you need

Left handed scissors

Left Handed Scissors are an obvious one.. They are for you lefties out there!

Reverse handle

Ok these are an absolute game changer! These hairdressing scissors can be used by left or right handers. Also great for those magical hairdressers that can cut with both hands and like to swap over from time to time.

Blade Style's

Mountain Aichi blade

The mountain blade has a really fine razor sharp cutting edge which makes these the best hairdressing scissors. This style gives ease to the scissor which is great for point cutting, feathering, and texturizing.

Damascus Shears

Damascus shears mean they are made from the highest grade Japanese steel, they have an all round use and with a higher grade steel, they tend to stay sharper for longer.


These are the Scissors you need for those precise haircuts. They are the best hair cutting shears for deep point cutting and other precise and straight line hair cutting techniques. It's really all in the name isn't it?

Serrated Edge

Micro Serrated edges grips the hair when cutting so the hair doesn't shift down the blade when closing. These scissors suit well for a training Barber and a hairstylist that enjoys more grip when cutting. They are not suitable for slide cutting because if you try slide cutting with these they will pull the hair. Best suited for blunt cutting.

Convex blades

Convex edge blades are the sharpest and finest blades you can get. With a super sharp blade you can cut through the hair so smoothly and precisely.

Scissor Handles

Classic handle

These scissors are symmetrical, which means they are aligned with the bottom of the blade . They are easy to learn on and are recommended to beginners, but are not recommended for long term use after you have finished learning. So not great for repetitive cutting on the floor

Offset scissors

The Offset is slightly off center, making them an easier relax style for your wrists. this style is a great all rounder and very popular for all hairstylist's

Crane handle

The Crane Handle is more off Centre than then the offset making them even more comfortable you cut with and lesser strain on your wrists.

Swivel hair scissors

A super cool design for a more experienced hair stylist. A comfortable and recommended style for those with Carpal Tunnel to ease any pain from hand fatigue. So if this person is you, they will help you "boogie all day long, like it's 1999".

Let's talk Steel

You should always be on the hunt for a good quality stainless steel. Japanese Stainless steel is the best quality steel in the world for knives, swords and of course Hairdressing Scissors. German steel is a close second best when it comes to quality also. The better quality of the steel means that surprisingly the lighter the professional scissor. So the Better the steel the better durability of the Professional Scissor and as Elton John would say "I'm Steel Standing, yeh, yeh ,yeh ''.


So there you go that's our take on Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors for you - Professional Edition! We hope you have a better understanding of all types now, but if you don't that's okay.. Our friendly team members here at Scissor Tech are always here to help you with all your Scissor related questions.

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