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Different kinds of hairdressing scissor handles

March 03, 2022

Hairdressers are really spoiled for choice when it comes to different types of hairdressing scissors handles, but sometimes choice can frankly make buying a pair of scissors very confusing. We do believe that even though you know how to use your pair of scissors, not many hairstylists actually know much about their scissors and that's totally okay. Although its very helpful to know what pair of scissors will ergonomically or help you as a stylist be the best hairdresser you can be physically, but we all have that taken care of for you. 

You are probably asking yourself, Why is a type of  Scissor handle so important? Well the quick answer to that question is that the right kind of scissor handle for you can be a major factor in preventing any hair cutting injuries to your body like RSI or Carpal tunnel syndrome. The right pair of scissor handles can really change your whole posture and look after the pains in your neck or shoulder from cutting all day.

Every hairdresser's needs and wants are very different so let's go through the different types of handles before and figure out together which hairstylist you are!

Handle see? Handle do! Handle which type are you?

Offset Handle

This handle comes with an angle which is slightly offset. Offset is really the most common design of hairdressing scissor handles. This particular handle is a great all rounder for those that don't need any extra comfort when cutting. The way to use these correctly would be mindful of raising your elbow while cutting but this design is designed for a more relaxed style in cutting. Offset handles will be seen in types of hairdressing scissors like.. long blade hair cutting scissors (barber scissors), short blade hair cutting scissors, texturizing thinning scissors (thinning scissors) , wide chomping thinning scissors, Swivel shears to name FEW! We would recommend this is a good style for those training or any hair stylist really as an offset handle is featured in most hair cutting scissors designs.

Swivel Handle

Swivel handles are really just a genius design! This design has been designed specifically for those who suffer from RSI or Carpal Tunnel related injuries. The Swivel thumb insert not only provides control when cutting but it takes the strain off your wrist as your thumb and even your shoulder to rest in a comfortable cutting position. The Swivel handle comes in thinning scissors (or as some people say, texturizing thinning shears) and also short blade hair cutting scissors. These are not recommended for beginners but more for experienced hair stylists.

Classic Handle

The classic handle hairdressing scissors comes with a symmetrical level from the blades to the handle which is flat. The Classic handle is a design that most will be familiar with but probably won't know the purpose of them. The Classic handle is the best shear for those who like to cut with their middle finger in the finger rest rather than their ring finger (or the finger next to your pinky) in the finger rest hole. Bear in mind that cutting this way of using your middle finger in the finger rest hole can lead to RSI or Carpal Tunnel related injuries down the track. The classic handle traditionally is found in short blade hair cutting scissors or thinning scissors.

Crane Handle

Also known as a Drop Handle..

The Crane handle is a more Offset version of hairdressing scissors then your traditional Offset style. By choosing a crane handle you will get all the same benefits from using a swivel shear in regards to taking strain off your wrist. These shears are great for those looking for ultimate comfort but without wanting a swivel handle. These hairdressing scissors allow you to actually drop your elbow position while cutting. This promotes good posture while cutting and can help not only take care of your wrist but your shoulders and neck too. The Crane Handles will be found in designs like longer barber blade, shorter blade, some swivel shears and thinning scissors.

Ergo Style

An Ergo style hairdressing scissors can come in many shapes or forms but I strategically left it to last because an Ergo style can come in many of the form's that are actually listed above. An Ergonomic scissor is designed to put the least amount of strain on your hand, arm shoulder and back while cutting. The most popular ergo designs are long blade haircutting scissors, Thinning scissors, Super Ergo designs, and shorter blade styles. So anytime you see Ergo attached to the above handle designs or even other designs not mentioned then you know that these shears will always be a comfortable choice! 

All Handled out!

Now that you have had a crash hot course on all things Scissor handles! We hope you now feel confident in going out and finding the best pair of scissors for you. If you ever have any questions and queries before or after purchasing your Scissor Tech Shears, please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly Customer service representatives as we are also happy to help!

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