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Dealing with Fine Hair - Styling Tips

April 27, 2021

Dealing with Fine Hair: Styling Tips

Styling fine hair can be tough for any client or hairdresser. Thin hair is hard to work with as it tends to not hold any style and makes it difficult to cut or style into shape. Most clients with fine hair also tend to request haircuts that make their hair appear thicker than it really is. (I know I’m guilty of that!) Knowing the type of products and different haircuts that can achieve volume in hair is very important in this situation. Read on to find out the top 3 styling tips we have for dealing with fine hair! Most tips will leave you with the look of illusion and trick the eye to make everything look better because unfortunately, we can't make hair thick if those are the cards we’re dealt at birth… Sorry folks! 

Cut It Blunt

Simple yet so very effective! A good hairstyle that will make the hair appear thicker is a blunt haircut. The bluntness at the end will make the hair look more voluminous by getting rid of any dry wispy bits that create the illusion of the hair to look way more finer than it actually is. Keeping your ends blunt allows the hair to not only be healthy, but it also allows the hair to grow at a more even pace altogether so you don't have strands breaking off and causing the hair to be more thinner than it was before from something that could have so easily been avoided in the first place! 

To achieve this, We recommend aprofessional hairdressing scissor with long blades or even a barbering shear, when cutting a blunt hairstyle. The long length of the blades will allow for an even cutting line effortlessly. 

Check out the Matsui Damascus Offset Scissor if you’re looking for a blunt cutter. This 2019 new edition is made with 17 layers of Damascus Japanese steel which is great for blunt cutting. The offset handle on the shears also adds extra comfort while cutting hair.


Add Volume

Sounds easy right? Well your fellow fine haired friend here knows it's not that simple! Adding volume can be as simple as cutting in some layers to give the hair the illusion of it looking fuller from movement of layers. If you’re anything like me and have fine hair but a lot of it - the best style I have found so far is to keep my baseline blunt but also with some light long layers to keep it from sticky to my scalp and feeling like I have nothing. The light long layers allow movement and create a slight bounce to my root area (at least until it comes to the dreaded hair washing day then nothing can save my hair then!) which again leaves the eye with the illusion that the hair looks fuller than what it actually is!

To add your volume hitting layers we best recommend the ever so classic,Matsui Precision Matte Black Cutting scissor. These scissors come in either 5.5inch or 6inch to  give you the ultimate control and confidence when it comes to cutting in those layers. Don't like Matte black? lucky for you these scissors come in other colors too! Check them out atScissor tech 

Use the Right Products

It is important to have the right product knowledge, when dealing with fine hair. A common issue with thin hair is that it is usually weighed down by heavy products being used on the hair. Between styling products and natural oils, the hair becomes unable to breathe. You can solve this issue by washing the client’s hair before their cut with a good fortifying shampoo that will get rid of the product build-up and allow you to see it in its natural form.

The marketing industry that we all know and love can also be the biggest con of them all! Why? Well let me tell you, If you see a product that says “this will make your hair thicker after one use” for some hey it might work, but others not necessarily and the ‘others of the world’ tends to be the silly fools that fall for it every time and that population is more than what we think! So do your research, do some trial and error and find what works best for you and your hair! 

Follow up with a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to add more volume to the hair. A good tip is to avoid using any products with silicone in them as it tends to leave a heavy coating on the hair, which makes it flatter and more lifeless. For example my hair works well with a volumizing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner for my mids and ends of my hair. Why? Because the volumizing shampoo has less heavy ingredients which are targeted for the roots of the hair, and with my hair if I put anything too heavy or moisturizing near it, the hair gets VERY oily very quick and I find myself washing my hair sooner than expected.

The annoying part? My ends are always dry! Fine haired people problems! Do you feel me!? Which is why I pair my shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner that I only put on the mid lengths to the ends of my hair so it doesn't touch or go near my root area, therefore keeping my roots oil free. Don't be afraid to mix and match your shampoos and conditioners if the recommended pair isn't working for you try mixing it up, you might surprise yourself. 

There are so many other ways to be styling your fine hair or other ways to make it look and feel fuller, but these top three are the by far stand out ones that we can safely say have tried and tested! However not all hair types are the same so please keep in mind that although this is what we recommend - it might not work for you, we can't all be the same, right? 

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