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Curly Hair Scissors

December 08, 2021

Well they say trying to find a curly hair specialist and hairstylist is the hardest thing you can do when you're a curly hair girl or guy. But I think that choosing the right pair of professional scissors can be fairly easy. Well easy enough when we break it down in this article for you (and I don't mean breaking it down on the d-floor) I mean breaking it down knowledge style.

So not only will we go over some hero scissors to have, but maybe some tips or re-affirmed knowledge that you already know, so we can both feel like we are on the same page here. Let's hope we learn a thing or two, but if not.. let us help build your confidence that you are the real deal when it comes to curly hair knowledge!

Let's Talk Scissors

So finding the right pair of scissors for curly hair can be serious business. You want those hair cutting shears to help you maintain and control that beautiful bouncy curl and not to turn it into a frizz ball. So the Quality and sharpness of the scissor blades need to be right and you have to also know how to cut curly hair. Below I have listed some hero scissors that you will need for curly hair.


The reason why we love this shear is because of how sharp they are. They are a great tool because they can blunt cut the curl for you. They are the highest grade of Japanese stainless steel which means they stay sharp for longer. Ultimately you want a shear that isnot good for slide cutting. Slide cutting shears push the hair off the blade whereas the standard ones are super sharp and will make a swift snip.


When taking bulk out curly hair you always want to reach for your texturizing scissors and NOT the thinning scissors and I'm going to tell you why. Because of the design of larger space between the teeth on the Texturizing scissor, this allows the thickness to be cut out in a frizz free action. The most effective way to take out bulk from curly hair with these scissors is using the Scissor close to the roots. The thinning scissors have closer teeth and great unwanted frizz when used on curly hair.

Barbering scissors

Barbering scissors being 6 inches and longer are really handy to use as a freehand and large long cut for the baseline (which is normally cut last). If the hair is super spiral this is when you throw away your comb and reach for an afro-comb or free hand with those barber scissors.

Kamisori Emerald Professional Haircutting Shear

This Shear has been named as the "king of shear's" by celebrity stylists around the globe. These are so great for curly hair because of the quality of the sharp blades and because they are an all round shear that you can really use on any hair type and for any cutting technique. You can't go past the quality on these shears, as Tina Turner would say.. They are "Simply the best".


Service your tools

It is so important when cutting those curls that you take care of those lovely curls by servicing your scissors. Curls have a natural dry state and if you are using blunt scissors on them, those poor curls will frizz and damage. So making sure your scissors are sharpened at least twice a year, that you also check the tension of the scissors, you are oiling them and cleaning them on a regular basis is important. Even the most expensive and sharpest pair of scissors need to be maintained because there is really no such thing as a no-sharpened scissor.

Finding the right pair of scissors doesn't need to be that difficult, you just really have to assess whether the shears you have are suitable or if the shears you choose to purchase will help you achieve most of the cutting techniques you will perform. Cutting curly hair can be one of the most testing styles to know, all your background knowledge on really every other haircut goes out the window. Cutting curly hair is so different because not every length of the hair should be the same simply because not every curl sits at the same level. Think about a curl as like a cowlick.. if you drag that hair down to be the same length as the hair around that cowlick, will you get a straight even line? NO. So choosing the right pair of shears really should make that cutting easier for now and not harder. Both client and hairstylist both get a great deal of satisfaction out of that great haircut, to have your client oozing that confidence like Beyoncé.

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