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Can You Blend A Haircut With Thinning Scissors?

August 08, 2022

Hair Thinning Scissors are nicknamed the "finishing shears” because it can finish off and make almost every haircut perfectly blended. There are lots of different blending techniques you can use with all different types of shears but the blending techniques or the finish from hair Thinning Scissors is our personal favorite.

Thinning Shears can be single or double sided and depending on the length of the Thinning Shears they can range from having 30-40 teeth on just one side of the Thinning Scissors. Thinning Scissors teeth are very small and close together and almost look like a cutting comb.

Can you blend with Thinning Shears?

We believe All haircut's can be blended with Thinning Scissors, it just depends on how much or how little you blend the haircut and depending on the style or thickness. Even thin hair can benefit from a blend with Thinning Scissors, if you know the right haircutting techniques and tricks of course.

So now we have established that you can blend any haircut with Thinning Scissors then let's really dive deep into our favorite haircutting techniques and tips we recommend for when using your Hair Thinning Scissors. Let's also discuss some "do not do" tips to avoid too while cutting with Thinning Scissors because yes they are a few of those too.

What's the benefits of Thinning out hair?

There are many benefits to Thinning out your hair whether you have thick hair or even medium to thin hair.

One major benefit to thinning out hair for those thicker hair types is the dry off time compared to thinner hair. Thick hair can be very heavy with no shape and style so thinning out can really change a person's mood and styling capabilities to their day to day hair routine.

Another benefit to thinning out hair is blending any harsh lines on the bulk ends of a haircut. This is most commonly known as "blending". This is where Thinning Shears get their nickname from and the name "blending shears”because they can really blend and bring to life a heavy haircut.

Everyone loves using Thinning Shears for different reasons and different ways which makes them such a universal tool that every hairstylist needs in their hair cutting scissors collection and tool kit.

Favorite hair cutting techniques with Thinning Scissors

Twist Cutting

Twist cutting is a technique used when cutting with Thinning Scissors. Twist cutting can really give the hair that blended finish, without seeing demarcation lines from the Thinning Scissors. This technique can be used as heavily or softly as you intend based on how opened or closed your cut's are on the twist.

Traditionally the best way to twist cut is to start cutting from the top with your scissors half open and then closing the scissors more and more until they reach the ends of the hair.

Layered cutting motion

Layering with Thinning Shears is simply a motion that mimics the layers that may already be there or have been cut in by you already. By using the same motion with your Thinning Scissors you can really start cutting sections through the roots, mid-lengths and ends to remove the desired amount of weight from the hair.

Always go in and cut on an angle with your Thinning Scissors, so you don't create demarcation lines. This is essential when using this technique as Thinning is meant to be done and not seen.

If you are wanting to only soften the ends with your Thinning Scissors then less is more, but when taking out weight or thinning thick hair, then this would require the maximum amount of thinning.

Scissor over comb

When using your Thinning Scissors for this technique, it's typically used in barbering or short style haircuts. When trying to soften or thin out short hair, sometimes it is best to go back to basics and to use the scissor over comb technique with your Thinning Scissors.

Using the scissors over comb technique with Thinning Scissors will give you an overall even blend and thin out.

Your DO not DO's with Thinning scissors

  • Thinning out curly or afro hair.. 

For a curl to maintain its shape it needs the weight of the hair to form, so removing that weight can really change the curl. When you use your Thinning Scissors on curly hair or afro hair this will make the hair frizz, which is something all curly haired clients want to avoid. 

Alternatively you can use the Texturizing Shears through sections at the roots and at the back of the hair (underneath crown area). This is a great little trick to remove thickness without causing the hair to frizz and changing the pattern of the curl.

  • Do not use Thinning Scissors on wet hair.. 

When the hair is wet it bunches together which makes it harder for the hair Thinning Scissors to cut through or to look blended afterwards. Also going in and using your hair Thinning Shears on wet hair is like cutting blind. You can see the thickness being removed but you cannot see the true blend unless the hair is dry. So using Thinning Shears on dry hair will help you determine the best result.

  • Do not cut horizontally with Thinning Scissors..

Always think about the angle you are going to go in and cut hair, with the Thinning scissors. As mentioned previously it is suggested to go in and cut the hair on an angle so that way you cant see any lines that a Hair Thinning Scissors can make when cutting on the incorrect angles. 

  • Thinning Shears are not Texturizing Shears

Although they do come from the same family, they do actually create different finishes. So if your client has a textured style then yes you would use your Texturizing shears, but if your client has a blended bouncy blow-dry kind of style then your Thinning shear is the only haircutting shear to bring body and life to this style. 


When your client has too much hair for the style they have asked for then every hairstylist first thought is using their Thinning Scissors. The name of the article and the question that's being discussed today is "Can you blend a haircut with Thinning Shears?" and the answer to that question is.. Absolutely!

Thinning Scissors are such a vital tool and step to take throughout most haircutting hairstyles and it's a tool you will most likely use several times a day. Whether you have thick hair or curly hair or even thin hair, there's a haircutting technique or a step to take to ensure the correct thinning or blending is created when you use Thinning Shears. 

So use Thinning Shears often and have fun with it.

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