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Best Razor For Hairstylists

January 14, 2024

If you've found the perfect scissors and are now hoping to up your razor cut game, you've come to the right place! Razor cuts can be a real challenge sometimes, and as always we are here to help you!

The Razor Cut

Before we talk about the hair razors you need to have, let's take a look at razor cuts, and why you should be offering them to your clients!

A haircut done with a razor is a must for texture. It's a great way to add a tone of texture and movement to any haircut. You can do a whole haircut with a razor to achieve a very messy, shaggy look or you can use your hairdressing razor to add texture to any regular cut. It's also a great tool to use to create soft face framing layers or carefully remove bulk and straight lines from a blunt hair cut.

To use a hairdressing razor to cut hair you can use similar sectioning to that of a regular scissor cut. Using your hair razor in downward motions, while being sure to move your hand and wrist in long cutting motions will help remove length while also creating that razored texture we all know and love. To get the perfect look the best hair for this cut is thick hair.

If you're wanting to use a hair razor to create texture at the end of a haircut, there are many different texture techniques you can use. 

Taking large sections and just razor cut the thick pieces at the end, or even just hitting the ends of the hair with the razor, will help you to create a shattered look. These types of texturising techniques can even be done on thin hair, if you're careful of course!

A hair razor can be dangerous when in the wrong hands. If not used correctly it can leave split ends and a not so great haircut. It's recommended to use a hairdressing razor on wet or damp hair. And of course, to make sure you are using your hairdressing razors on the right hair type and texture ! It is best to avoid dry, frizzy hair when using a razor.

The Best Hairdressing Razors

The best and most popular hair razor is the feather razor. A feather razor is a razor with a straight handle attached to a blade. These blades have a guard attached to them with ridges, or teeth, similar to thinning scissors. These textured razor blades not only help protect your hands when cutting but also help to create more texture when cutting. 

You will find that most scissor sets from Scissor Tech will come with our Matsui Razor and matching razor blades. This razor is a great choice for any hairdresser. It has an ergonomic handle and comes with replacement blades. It is a must have for razor cutting !

If you're a hair razoring pro, you may want to try using a straight razor. Straight razor blades will have no guard attached, which means you must be careful when using them. The benefit of using straight razor is that you have more control with the texture you add. A straight razor can also be less damaging to your clients hair if used correctly. If you're confident in your razor cutting skills you can find an assortment of shavettes and straight razorsHERE at Scissor Tech 

Razor Cutting....

is a game changer! And here at Scissor Tech we are happy to supply you with the best razors to help you deliver the best hair cuts !

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