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Best Professional Hair Cutting Shears For Beginners

November 04, 2021

We understand shopping for your first pair of hair cutting shears is tough and there’s lots to consider when trying to find your first pair, but this can also be an exciting experience too. There are all different lengths and scissor functions that are to consider. You’re probably asking yourself... Which scissor length do I need? Do I need thinners or texturizing scissors? Are there different scissors for barbering or women’s cutting? Am I left handed? (If you’re asking yourself this question, you have been staring at the screen too long). All jokes aside, these are really good questions because when you are a trainee or apprentice you really don’t know which scissors could be best for you. 

Well, we have tailored the advice to knowing that you beginners may not be on a high wage and money may be a major factor when choosing your scissors and that’s okay because beginners don’t need the top of the range scissors. Why do you ask? I will tell you because you can still get really good quality scissors at a low price and when you’re learning you tend to drop your scissors and you may be practicing on a dummy head for a while so you don’t need the fancy top of the range scissors yet.


Why buy a set?

Luckily we have got your Apprentice sets sorted for you, but maybe you're thinking why do I need a set? The simple answer is really that buying your scissors in a set means you get more bang for your buck. Scissor sets normally consist of high quality Japanese steel scissors, barber scissors and thinning scissors. These are all great professional Hairdressing Scissors for beginners. 


Matsui Apprentice Kit

This is probably our favourite set that we like to mention to Apprentices or a beginner to get because not only is it a really great pair for a good price but the quality is also high quality shear too, which is why we rate them as the best hair cutting shears for beginners. These scissors are made from the highest quality made from Japanese steel which you will definitely notice when cutting with different brands of scissors. If this scissor kit was around many years ago when I was an apprentice.. I would have definitely not had to replace my scissors so quickly when I started to cut hair as a senior hairdresser.

This set includes the following, 5.5 Inch Matsui Apprentice Cutting Scissors or styling shears- (best hair cutting scissors for woman's hair). 6" Matsui Apprentice Cutting Scissor - (best hair scissors for blunt cutting or barbering scissors). 6 " Matsui Apprentice Thinning Scissors - (or softening scissors as we like to call them because these scissors really are multifunctional). Also an added bonus to the kit is Case, Razor, spare blades, scissor oil, cleaning cloth, tension adjuster, and spare finger inserts. Also for you Lefty's out there there's a left handed Matsui Apprentice Professional Scissors kit. 


Matsui barber starter kit 

A Barber starter kit is something that you should most definitely get when starting out as a trainee barber. Barbering tools can add up to be very expensive when buying all your tools individually. By Creating this kit we had apprentices in mind that unfortunately don't roll in the dough ($$$) when starting out. We also feel you deserve a good quality scissor and pack to start with to produce quality cuts.

This kit includes:

7" Matsui Barber scissor with micro serrated edge, 5.5" Precision Matsui cutting scissor, Matsui Barber Razor, Comb, Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Oil Pen, Spare Plastic Finger Inserts to size scissors to your fingers, Tension Key to maintain scissors.


Difference in scissor lengths

Now I bet you are probably wanting to know why some scissors are longer than others and what would be the best sizes for you. Well this all really depends on what kind of salon or training you're about to undertake. When you’re looking at scissor lengths5 Inch, 5.5 Inch and 6 Inch,these lengths are most popular for women's hair shears or scissors. I would say the medium size 5.5 Inch is the easiest to work with when learning. When looking at the scissors length6 Inch, 6.5 inch and 7 inches,these lengths are more popular with Barbers. When learning the 6.5 and 7 inch shears are the best scissors for you because learning the "over comb" technique is easier when the blades are longer. These are the best Shears to get the job done.


Beginner Scissors over Professional Scissors

We get that you may look at the more expensive scissors and think, what makes the price point so different to the beginning scissors? Simple answer is the quality.

Beginning scissors are merely designed for learning with a more basic design, but ours are also designed with higher quality Japanese 440C steel than your standard beginning scissors that are lower grade steel. So really the set is a steal in price, so don't all run at once.

Now those Professional and expensive scissors you’re probably asking yourself why are they expensive and do I need them? Well the short answer is, not yet and the quality is much better. For example our Matsui scissors are made from higher grade Japanese stainless steel and a finer and sharper blade. This makes cutting hair so much more precise for when cutting in those more complicated haircuts. The higher quality scissors are designed also to last longer. Where your training scissor will still be amazing quality but priced at a point where it’s affordable and more efficient to a hair stylist or barber starting out.


Different Types of Scissors/ Shears

When trying to find the right pair of hair cutting scissors I know it can be very overwhelming, but I’m here to calm you down and give you a little bit of background information on all the different types of scissors. By knowing what's out there and what's best for you when learning, gives you a greater confidence in knowing you have got the right pair of scissors for you.

Hair thinning Scissors

Hair ‘thinners’ as we like to call them are really an essential scissor to have when learning. These are not the first pair of scissors you will pick up starting out, but you will definitely learn to use them. The best function of these scissors are taking the bulk or thickness out of your client/model's hair. When used correctly they can be as powerful as a magic wand and really finish off a haircut.


Texturizing Scissors

The function of this scissor is most definitely in the name. By comparing the texture scissor and the thinners (which hairstylists do a lot) the texturizing scissors have larger teeth with larger gaps in between them. These scissors would not really be used by a training stylist due the fact that these scissors are used to take larger bulk out of the hair for those textured haircuts. While learning you will most likely learn how to texturize the hair with your normal scissor.. Where the texturizing scissor is a scissor that a more qualified hair stylist would use to save time as that is what these scissors are designed for.


Swivel Scissors

These hair scissors are great for those who have issues with their wrist as the swivel function on these allow your wrist to lie flat when cutting and a free motion of opening and closing of the hand, therefore relieving any potential wrist pain. They are also amazing for point cutting the baseline. Although these are fun and exciting scissors to use I wouldn’t recommend these for a training hairstylist, to be honest even most qualified hair stylists shy away from these scissors.


Left handed Scissors

These hair scissors are for all the lefties out there. Now we are not trying to discriminate against you righties but if you are left handed and want to make your life easier when learning, then I would go for the left handed scissors. It’s as simple as that really.

Barbering Scissors

When you see the term barbering hair scissors, this generally means the scissors with a longer blade. As mentioned before the shears 6 inches and longer are the barbering length. The reason why the scissors are better to be longer for barbers is because when doing the scissor over comb technique the blades can cut through more hair at a time. There’s a lot of blending that goes into a men’s haircut, so if you can help you do most of the work then that is a big win!



Now the handles on these hair scissors can perform slightly different functions for you. When starting out we do recommend the classic handle is your best bet but below we have listed the difference between them all for you so you can decide.

Classic handle

The handles on these scissors are completely symmetrical to the second handle. These are popular for beginners because of the ease of cutting with them. Although they are easy to learn on, some hairstylists have found these hair scissors are not so easy to use for a long period of time.

Offset handle

Now these hair scissors are not aligned with their partnering handle and are slightly off centre, this is because they are more of a relaxed scissor to work with. The Offset handle is the best apprentice scissor to work with because it reduces less strain when cutting repetitively. The Offset is most definitely the most popular option for apprentices or trainee hairdressers.

Crane handle

The Crane Handle hair scissors is very much off Centre as the bottom lies way lower than the Centre. This is a more relaxed scissor as it’s not easy to learn on but for a professional hairdresser it makes cutting hair a breeze.

Bottom line

When looking for a pair of scissors, quality and price is most important and of course the quality of steel. How much of a letdown is it when you go and spend a lot of money on anything in life and are let down by the quality. Well I'm not lying to you at all when I tell you the quality of our apprentice scissors are amazing. I hope that you have also learned a thing or two about scissors in general which is always important, because the best advice to go by is your own advice (once you have researched it all of course). We are so sure that you will like them that we offer a 7 day money back guarantee, just in case you change your mind. 

Happy Shopping Y'all!


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