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Best Barber Shears

February 24, 2022

Want to be the Best Barber around? Then having the best tool to follow that desire would always be the first step. Barbers these days are really spoilt for choice when it comes to buying their tools but we are not here to talk about all your tools today. Today we are going to go through our Top 10 pick for the Best Barber Shears.

But wait there's more..

Not only will we go through the top 10 Barber shears but we will also go through the best brands and the best Steel's to work with. So buckle up and get ready because you're going to want to stick around for this Blog.


Reputable Brands


Kamisori Shears are an award winning and impressive brand. Their shears are handmade from professional Japanese blade smiths. Kamisori Shears are used and loved by most of the celebrity stylists around the globe. If you're looking for the best of the best then this brand makes the few!


Yasaka are a world known Japanese brand that are known for their quality in shears. When purchasing a pair of Yasaka Barber scissors or shears you should expect the best quality and hardness as they will be forged with the best Japanese stainless steel. Yasaka shears are made to last! 


Matsui Shears are made from all the highest quality Japanese stainless steel. Matsui are not also known for their quality but are also known for the style and colors of their shears. You're really getting value for your money when purchasing a pair of Matsui Shears. Matsui Sears does not have a $1000.00 price point like some other brands but they are also not the cheapest brand you will find either, so they are very much in the average price range.


Established from the Tokosha CO LTD company, Joewell has been a long-standing brand established in 1971. They Strive in provide not only hairdressers but barbers the ultimate cutting tool that's created by their master craftsmen. Going by the company name, you probably guessed that yes these shears are made from the best Japanese steel. They make some award winning shears!


Jaguar is a world leading German hair cutting scissors brand that was established in 1932 and brought German steel scissors to one of the leaders in the market close to Japanese steel. Jaguar Shears are made from Chromium German steel and have a longevity, tough and sharp edges. Their shears can range anywhere from $150 - $1000. Although you may see that we did not list them in our top 10 shears, they are still for sure worth a mention and Jaguar are most definitely always a great choice!


Gluck is another German style brand who are known for their affordability and quality when it comes to using or buying their shears. 


Sozu Shears are known for their top quality Japanese Steel shears but not with the high price tag that comes along with Japanese steel shears. We love Sozu because they really have found a way to give their customers a high quality shear that's long lasting, sharp professional hair shears for those customers that don't have the budget to spend top dollar. We say that Sozu is a great choice for those who are training or a home hairdresser that don't have the need to buy the top of the range shears, but still need the quality.


Best Steel and why

Buying a pair of scissors forged with the best and most durable steel is crucial. The best steel you can buy for hairdressing shears is Japanese steel. Japanese steel is the finest, sharpest and durable steel for shears in the world. the second best Steel in German steel. 

"Best Barber Shears"

So here it goes, in no particular order..



This Barber shear has been nicknamed the "Worlds lightest 7 Inch Shears''. Typically when you have a shear that's made from Japanese Steel and it also really light this means its a higher quality steel. These also being an Ergo design means that if you're a barber that suffers from Carpal Tunnel syndrome of any cutting related injury then these are the shears for you.



This Joewell shear is made from premium quality Japanese steel. These particular shears are the longest hairdressing scissors in their range. These give you a powerful cut with the convex edge blades and the ergonomic design gives you a comfortable cut too. Another fun fact about these is that if your a barber that suffers with metal allergies then this shear contains less than 0.6% of nickel than other shears on the market. I mean we love all Joewell shears but these really shine the most in terms of all round top Barber Scissors.



Made from strong Cobalt stainless steel there shears are in the mid price range. These are made with the most flawless construction and have a smooth cutting feel to them which makes your cutting days a breeze. These shears are really built to last for you with the proper care and maintenance. 



Firstly you probably notice we listed the color Matt black. We did this because they do come in other colors like Rose gold and silver too! but the Matt Black in this style is by far our favorite. Forged from the best VG1o and cobalt infused Japanese stainless steel they shears are sharp and built to last. These are also in the mid-range of price so if you want a good quality shear that will last you the ages without having to pay the $1000+ price tag then these are for you!


Matsui Super Ergo devil

These shears are a perfect option for those barbers that have smaller hands or prefer working with a shear that's not 7 inches because this shear is made in a 6 inch. If you're looking for a shear that will give you complete comfort all day long with the super strong offset ergonomic design then this shear you will love. Made from strong and sharp Hitachi 440 c Japanese steel.



This German style shear is made from obviously German steel which if you remember is second in the world for hair scissors after Japanese steel. This barber Shear has a small serrated edge in one side of the shear, this helps the hair not to slick when cutting and is extremely popular in Barber shears. With the serrated edge you cannot slide cut as it can pull on the hair, but that's okay because barbers hardly slide cut anyway. They are a great tool for apprentices to learn on or feel confident on after training. Also a great tool for all the new at home pandemic hairstylists because the price is on the lower end you won't have to spend a lot of shears you may use once a month.



Made from the most premium Aichei Japanese steel, these are handcrafted to stay sharp and last through the ages. Gone are the days of super heavy barber shears because these are actually surprise light. Another Matsui favorite for the win.



These are designed for fast pace cutting that are best suited to dry cutting. These are forged from the highest quality cobalt Japanese steel which means they will have longevity and be super sharp. So we have listed this shear here for those who like to change out their shears for certain types of haircuts that include dry cutting.


Sozu Essentials Oriental Barber Scissors

These Shears are very similar or even the same as the "Sozu Essentials Ergonomic Barber Scissor" but because we couldn't choose which was best from the two because they are the same, We chose the Oriental Shears for their design. Now that we have that out the way let's talk about why these are such a great shear. These shears are made from top quality Japanese Steel but without the expensive price tag that comes along with buying Japanese steel. How did Sozu make a top quality shear, but with a lower price tag you may ask? well we can't tell you that exactly but, I would drop anything you may have in your cart and add these because when a deal is this great you just don't question it. These shears would be great for those training barbers or home "ISO Barbers" that want a top quality shear but can't justify the top price tag.


All good things must come to an END...

So there you have it and in no particular order our "Top 10" Barber shears. A great barber shears come with a lifetime warranty and really are built to last through the ages and the cutting. Along with all the shears we have listed above we think it's also important to recognize that thinning shears and texturizing shears are always a great tool to add to your tool belt. 

When Investing is a top quality pair of shears or any shears for that matter you should always make sure that you get them sharpened at least twice a year. Also you shears need constant love and care like cleaning them and oiling them. The more you do take care of them, the longer they last. Because a scissor can come with a lifetime warranty, but nothing lasts forever unless you take care of them.

Happy Cutting you talented individuals!

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