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Are There Different Ways To Remove Weight From A Haircut?

November 14, 2022

There really are so many different ways to remove weight for your clients hair, but the real question should be "What type of hair weight removal technique does my client's haircut need?". It's so great that there are so many different ways, because not every client can benefit from the same weight removal technique.

Excess weight from thick hair can really give no shape to a haircut or can be very exhausting to carry for those thick hair types. So knowing the perfect techniques to remove bulk without removing too much length is really a great treat for your client.

Every haircut can benefit from having weight removed from the haircut, one way or another. So this really gets down to the real topic of conversation today, which is "Are there different ways to remove weight from a hairstyle?". Well the answer to this question depends on what haircutting technique you will use to remove weight. Some haircutting shears will remove more weight than others and some haircutting techniques can remove less. 

So let's go through tools and haircutting techniques that will open up.

Thinning Shears

When any hairstylist is thinking about how to remove bulk from thick areas of a haircut, they think of Thinning Scissors. Your Thinning Scissors can be used to soften harsh lines, soften a thick baseline, thin out thick hair or even soften harsh lines on thin hair.

There are so many different ways to thin out or soften hair with Thinning sScissors like twist cutting, root cutting, layered cutting motion and scissor over comb cutting. So Thinning scissors are a great tool to use different ways to remove weight from a haircut.

Texturizing Shears

Texturizing Shears can obviously create maximum texture for your client, that can result in removing weight but not give a soft result. Did you know that there are ways you can remove thickness from a certain hair type with your Texture scissors in a subtle way without creating texture? This technique would be root cutting.

There are certain hair types like wavy hair or spiraled curly hair that will frizz if you use your Thinning Scissors to remove weight. That is why Using your Texture Scissors to root cut minimal sections around the back of the hair, is a great way to remove bulk on really thick hair. By root cutting underneath the crown area at the back with your Texturizing Shears, you are able to thin out your clients hair without causing frizz.

Point Cutting

Sometimes all you need is a little blending without using any Thinning Scissors or Texturizing shears and the best way to do that is Point Cutting. Point Cutting can be done at the start of the haircut when you're cutting in layers or at the end of the haircut when the hair is dry, to soften and take weight out of the ends.

When you want to bring back life to your client style cut by creating body and shape then Point Cutting your clients hair is the best way to do that on fine hair or even thicker hair.

Slide Cutting

To create wispy ends that will result in more body and shape throughout the haircut, then another way to do this is to slide cut through your clients layers at the ends of the haircut when the hair is dry. Also if there's any heavy weight through the front, then slide cutting is the best way to soften around the face on long or medium length hair.

Vertical Graduation

Graduating a haircut can firstly remove maximum weight and shape through the end of your haircut. Due to a graduation technique being cut vertically you can really use this hair cutting technique for a long concave bob or a short concave bob. But cutting the hair on a vertical angle allows the hair to curl inwards or outward and make the end feel much lighter compared to a blunt cut. 

Internal Layering

Internal layering is another finishing technique you can use on dry hair to take weight out of layers. What is internal layering you ask? It's a technique where you can use your Thinning Scissors or Texturizing Scissors to cut underneath the first layer, by cutting and pushing the hair down in a fast motion.

The best way to see this haircut in motion is to YouTube a demonstration and once you see this haircutting technique you will know this one by seeing other hairstylists use it.

Apart from the obvious of losing length or cutting off too much hair, there's always an alternative to removing enough weight for your haircut for it to sit the way you and your client envision it to.

We are sure there are many more ways to create layers or creating volume as well as removing weight, but these are the simplest and most common ways.

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