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5 Tips to Help you Buy Hairdressing Scissors

July 21, 2020

Everyone makes a mistake. Ask any hair stylist and they can probably recount many. The colour that went wrong, mistaking the cutting shears for the thinners. But clients' hair grows back, right? 

Too many hair stylists will tell you the biggest mistake of their careers is to buy hair cutting scissors that weren’t right. We’re here to save you from the same fate.

They design good quality hairdressing scissors and shears to be used for many years. They’re made from the highest quality stainless steel material and are at the cutting edge of ergonomic design. 

Both attributes are reflected in the price tag. It will take many haircuts to recoup the cost of your investment so you want to purchase a pair of shears or scissors that you’ll luurrvve for many years. 

How to Choose the Best Hairdressing Scissors

There’s nothing cut and dried about buying the right hairdressing scissors. You need to consider several parts of the design and your personal preferences before deciding. Here’s five tips to set you on the right path when you buy professional hair cutting scissors. 


Consider all the Scissors Parts

There’s a few components to consider when you’re looking at a pair of scissors. 

The Handle

The scissors are an extension of your hand in hairdressing so the handle is one of the most important parts. You need scissors that offer the utmost in comfort. Similar to what a pair of fluffy slippers are to your feet. 

Straight handles are designed for hairdressers who hold their scissors with their middle finger. This style was the only choice years ago but isn’t as popular today after being linked to health and safety problems caused by prolonged use.

The offset handle allows your fingers to sit in a more natural, relaxed position. Crane handles are very similar to offset because they allow you to drop your elbows for extra comfort. Swivel scissors have a rotating thumb ring that provides flexibility to move your thumb to different positions and accommodate natural hand movements.

Many hair stylists worried about overuse injuries now opt for offset, crane or swivel handles for the bulk of their work and only use straight handles for select cuts.

Length of Scissors

Do you have big or petite hands? Your hands will determine the length of scissors that are most comfortable. Scissors and shears can vary in length between 4.5 inches and 8 inches. 

If you’re not sure what size is best for you, measure the length of the blade against your middle finger and the distance of the whole scissors against your palms to check they’re the same size. Shorter scissors are lighter and offer more control than longer pairs. 

As a general rule (of thumb), most female hairdressers use a 5.5 to 6 inch pair of scissors while most men prefer the 6-inch or larger options. 

Quality of Steel

Professional scissors need to be manufactured from a very high grade of steel. Scissor Tech is committed to not stocking any scissors or shears below 440C steel or an HRC/Rockwell hardness of 57. We look for 440C, ATS314, VG10, Damascus steel with high levels of cobalt to increase hardness and durability, depending on the application. We’ve found some of Japan’s best steel is produced by Aichi and Hitachi. 

Customer Support Availability

You need to make sure the company you buy from will offer good service before and long after your purchase. When you buy professional hairdressing scissors, you’re paying upfront for many years of service. 

Buying from a reputable company that has been in business for several years means they should still be around in future when you may need help with a warranty claim or service.

Type of Professional Scissors you Need to Buy

The type of cuts you create most often will determine the style of scissors you want to buy. 

Cutting Scissors

We use blade scissors for straight cuts, particularly slicing because of their sharp edge. There are two kinds of blade scissors – bevel-edge and convex blade. 

Bevel-edge scissors have a fine bevel honed into the blades so the scissors cut more easily. Convex blades are sharper and provide more precision for cutting scissors. Apprentices often start with micro serrated scissors because they can grip the hair making it easier to make a straight cut. 

Blending Texturising Shears

It’s easy to go overboard if you’re using blade scissors to thin out hair. A pair of texturising scissors will stop you from cutting off too much and give better control particularly for fine hair. 

Wide-Tooth Thinning Scissors

When you want to take out larger chunks of hair on clients with thick or coarse hair, a pair of wide tooth thinning scissors is what you need. They take out a higher percentage of hair and get the job done faster. 

Ask if you Can Return Them if They’re Not Right

Good hairdressing scissors are no minor investment. While a picture of a pair of scissors online might tell 1,000 words, it doesn’t tell you how they will feel and cut when they’re in your hand. 

You might decide they are too long, too short, too heavy or not the right colour. Whatever your reason, you should be able to return them and get advice on a pair that might suit you better. Check the returns policy of the store to ensure you have the option to return them if they’re not right because blunders happen, right? 

What about a Warranty?

Not all warranties are the same on professional hairdressing scissors and shears. Some brands are only a few years warranty while other brands offer a lifetime warranty. 

Often paying a little more upfront for a better pair gives you scissors with a longer life. When your favourite pair of scissors stop working and they’re not under warranty, well it’s enough to make you weep. 

Where to Buy Professional Hairdressing Scissors

At Scissor Tech, we want all of our customers to be thrilled with their purchase. Whether you’re just starting out in your career and you're not sure which scissors you need or you have many years of experience under your belt, we can help. You can explain to us what you’re after or even send us a photo of an old pair you do or don’t like. We’ll match your wishes with the right pair from our extensive range.

Whether you enlist our help or you choose your own, you're protected by our exchange policy on any scissors or shears. We invite you to try them out and if you feel they aren’t quite right for you, notify us within seven days that you’d like to return them and choose another pair or ask for a refund. 

So if you’re ready to buy your hairdressing scissors, check out our range and if you have any questions or comments, contact us via our contact form here or talk to us through our live chat!


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