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3 Techniques That Require Long Hair Shears

September 27, 2022

Long Shears can be used so differently from one hairstylist to the next in the hair industry. For a hair stylist that cuts both men's and woman's hair they may be stuck in their ways to think that their Barber Shears are for their men's cut and the Short Shears are for their women's cuts.

So let's look at this a different way...

Long Shears or Barber Shears are a common tool most hairstylists may have in their tool kit for cutting men's hair, but don't often try using Long Shears on women's haircuts. Long shears are a great tool to be used in some haircutting techniques that will elevate their woman's hair techniques. Well today we are going to hopefully spark a "light bulb moment" or get you inspired to pick up those Longer hair shears more.

Scissor Over Comb

This is the  most common haircutting technique used with longer hair cutting scissors and we will explain to you why. Cutting hair with the scissors over comb technique (around the back and sides) can take a barber just 5-10 minutes using Longer Shears. Why would it take 5-10 minutes? because the long blades can cover more area while cutting and cut more hair at once then a shorter hairdressing scissors blade would.

Using longer Thinning Scissors than most means you're able to remove weight faster when you cut hair using the Scissor Over Comb haircutting techniques. Men have coarse hair so Longer Thinning Shears would remove bulk easier and faster, when doing the scissors over comb with men's hair.

Scissor over comb is a great technique you can apply to men's or shorter women's haircuts and that's why it's useful for all hair hairstylists to have Longer Shears.

Blunt Cut

If you have ever been a fan of a Blunt Cut with Longer Shears then you will understand the hype around this topic. We love Blunt Cut with Longer Shears because you get a precise and more even cut than you would with any of your traditional Shorter Shears.

The reason why the cut is more precise and crisp is because again the shears are able to cut more hair at once than a Shorter Shear, resulting in the most perfect blunt cut. With Short hairdressing scissors you have to take shorter cut's which can result in having uneven edges to a blunt cut, where it's meant to be perfectly blunt on the ends cutting line.

Some hair stylists will only pick up their barber tools for blunt cutting or even their clippers because they know the result they will get from their longer hairdressing shears will be much more effective to achieve that crisp blunt look they are after.

A Blunt Cut is a great way to achieve that thick hair look that most fine haired women desire, so what better way to achieve that than with Long Hair Shears.

Deep point cutting

This Cutting technique is a blending technique that can be done with most scissors but what's so great about this technique is you have your pick of all the scissors that will get your desired look.

For example... a shorter shear with a narrowed ended blade can get you a feathered and precise blend through the ends with this technique. With shorter ended shears the section of hair you point cut, will be just long enough to stand tall in the air when the section is dragged up above the clients head.

Deep point cutting with Long Hair hairdressing scissors, you can over direct and hold longer lengths of hair to Point Cut. This technique can result in the hair being point cut deeper through the very end to mid length on the hair giving an exaggerated version of a point cut.

With longer hair length to point cut, gravity will take over and your hair section above your finger will want to fall downwards to the floor. The section with the hair folding over your fingers is a perfect position for you to then go in and Deep point cut with Longer Shears. This technique may feel extremely awkward at first, but after time and practice, over directing or under directing the hair you will surprise yourself with the results you can achieve.

Texturizing Shears / Chunking Shears and Thinner Scissors are other hairdressing tools you use for this technique. They don't call these the finishing shears for no reason.

I bet you're on cloud 9 in "inspiration overload city" because what's more fun than trying out a new tool? it's trying out a new haircutting technique of course, well new to you anyways.

We always say after the basic principles of a haircut there really is a 1001 ways to cut hair, but what makes you stand out from one hairstylist to the next is the results you can achieve. This is why education or even experimenting new haircutting techniques or ideas on a mannequin head is so important. It's important because it keeps you inspired and motivated to really invest or learn new haircutting techniques that will have your clients singing with joy after their haircuts.

What better way is there to change up your haircutting skills than to pick up those scissors that can create a whole different look, or time saving techniques for your haircut...

Happy Cutting or Experimenting :)

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