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10 Best Hair Thinning Scissors

July 26, 2020

The thought of thinning hair is the stuff of nightmares for many people. But for a hairdresser it’s an everyday occurrence. They understand that strange concept that to add volume to a head of hair, it may need thinning. A pair of good quality thinning scissors is a must-have tool in achieving the best cut. 

What are Hair Thinning Scissors? 

Thinning scissors have one straight edge blade while the other blade has separate teeth so it removes only some of the hair with each cut. Thinning scissors are used on sections of hair that have a large volume and need to be thinned. Also known as texturising scissors, they don’t affect the style of a haircut. 

Hair thinning scissors can be purchased as individual pairs of scissors or as part of a set of cutting and thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are available for left and right handed hairdressers. Scissor Tech has hair thinning scissors in a range of beautiful colours including rose gold, rainbow chrome, matte black, printed styles and of course, classic steel. There’s one to suit every hairdressing personality.  

How to Use Hair Thinning Scissors

Just like regular straight edge blade scissors, thinning scissors have the same handle and are held the same way. 

It’s the way the hairdresser positions and angles thinning scissors that impact on the end result. The technique used will depend on the texture and volume of hair that needs thinning. 

When a hairdresser or barber wants to soften and blend the edges of cut hair, thinning scissors are used to snip the ends. Sections of the hair can be separated using fingers or a comb. 

Thinning scissors are used in the mid length of the hair to reduce bulk. The crown area should be avoided when using thinning otherwise the layers may end up too short and can stick out rather than lie flat.     

What Makes a Good Pair of Hair Thinning Scissors?

Not all hair thinning scissors are equal. While all scissors are made from steel, the quality of the steel differs. The steel made in Japan is considered the best quality because it’s harder and holds its edge better than the steel from Korea, Taiwan, China, Pakistan and India. German steel is also very high quality. 

You want a thinning scissor made of high quality steel. A pair of thinners manufactured from poor quality steel can cause a tooth to bend or break and then the scissors are useless. The higher quality steel supports the blade edge and stops the individual teeth hitting it. 

What is the Best Type of Hair Thinning Scissors?

There are three main types of hair thinning scissors – blending/texturising, chunking and finishing. The different types of scissors can be identified by the number of teeth. There is no one type that’s better than another, they all perform different jobs. The one you should use will depend on your client’s cut and hair type. 

Blending/Texturising Scissors 

With an average of 25 teeth, these scissors can remove 40-70% of hair with one to two cuts. They’re the most versatile pair of thinning scissors because they can blend, texturise and thin most hair types.  

Chunking Scissors

Not everyone has enough hair to use chunking scissors. They’re only suitable for people who have curly or thick hair. With 7-15 teeth they have wider gaps between than texturising scissors so more hair is removed, around 40-80% with every one to two cuts. 

Finishing Scissors

These are the least aggressive scissors as they have more teeth so less hair is removed. They are used to give the haircut a nice blended finish. A client with thick hair may need more cuts to get the desired finished effect compared to a person with fine hair. 

10 Professional Thinning Scissors

As you’ve already heard, the best thinning scissors are those made from Japanese or German stainless steel. All of our recommended hairdressing thinning scissors originate from these two countries because professionals deserve to use only the best tools available. 

Individual Thinning Scissors

If you’re looking for a pair of thinners to add to your collection of cutting scissors, check out the range of single thinning scissors. They stand on their own and don’t need a mate.  

1.Rose Gold Matsui Thinner Six Inch

We’ve had sparkling reviews from hairdressers who have fallen in love with this pair of beautiful thinners. With an offset handle, they’re comfortable to use throughout the day. The high quality steel means they won’t corrode or fade and see you through many years of thinning. 

2.Matsui Matte Black

Every hairdresser needs a 40-tooth thinner in their kit. They’re a larger size so they fit comfortably in most hairdressers’ hands. The superior hollow ground design and sleek black look have made this pair a firm favourite.  

3.Matsui Precision Rose Gold Thinning Scissors

It’s no secret we’re big fans of the Masui brand. And it’s no wonder,the quality is obvious from the moment you pick them up. The finish is beautiful and each one of the dispatched 5.5" scissors is individually checked and perfectly balanced by a UK bladesmith. 

4.Yasaka 6 Inch Thinner

Another beautifully crafted pair of scissors. With 40 teeth, they’re ideal finishing scissors with an estimated 50% cutaway rate. The scissors use a Japanese sharpened prism technology. It’s been a while since we did maths but that translates to a super sharp cut. With the teeth staying sharper for longer, they won’t tug or pull on the hair. 

5.Matsui Chompa 14 Tooth Offset Thinner

Made from premium Aichei Japanese steel, the scissors’ 14 teethspeed up your cutting while thinning, texturising, and blending, saving you both time, and strain on your wrists. The offset handle keeps your thumb in a natural position and the solid finger rest means it will never come loose or get lost. The plastic inserts make sure it’s the perfect fit to your fingers. 

6.Rose Gold Matsui Swivel Thinner

If you’re keen to protect your hands against RSI then it might be wise to try a pair of swivel scissors. The swivel gives you superior thumb/finger positioning that will reduce hand fatigue and pain. They have a smooth cutting action and the bevel edge provides a much cleaner cut that protects the hair. 

Combo Sets

Looking for a set of complementary cutting and thinning scissors? Then a combo set might be best for you. 

7.Sozu Classic Thinner Combo

The thinner isn’t short on teeth with 27 of the little chompers making it an ideal pair of finishing scissors. The set includes a 5.5" Classic cutting scissors and 5.5" Classic 27 tooth thinning scissors, both with removable finger rests. 

8.Matsui Matte Black VG10 Offset Thinner Combo

The set includes lightweight elegant scissors made from high quality cobalt infused VG10 steel. Ideal for slide cutting, blunt cutting and all round use, the blade stays sharp for longer. The mountain blade has a fine edge that powers through cutting, feathering, and texturising. The set allows you to choose between the 5.5" and 6" cutting scissors. 

9.Matsui Rainbow Scissor/Thinner

Looking to add a little colour to the salon? You can’t go past the beautiful rainbow finish of this set. Adults and children alike will love your colourful tools of the trade. Individually checked and perfectly balanced by a UK bladesmith so you know you’ll achieve a good quality cut every time. 

The set includes a 5.5" or 6.0" Matsui Rainbow cutting scissor along with a 6" Matsui Rainbow thinning scissor.

10.Matsui Precision Matte Black Scissor & Thinner

A stunning set with its elegant matte black complimented by rose gold trims.This combo includes a 5.5" or 6" Matsui Precision Matte Black cutting scissor and a 5.5" Matsui Precision thinning scissor. The blades are checked by a UK bladesmith right before delivery. 

11.Matsui Swivel Scissor Thinner Combo

Are you suffering from any hand or wrist pain and looking for a swivel set? You can’t go past the Matsui brand for a high quality set of scissors. They’re made from a slightly higher quality steel so they can handle the swivel but also stay sharp for longer. The set includes a 5.5" or 6" Matsui Silver Swivel Scissor and a 6" Matsui Swivel thinning scissor

12.Sozu Essentials Pink Rainbow Scissor Thinner Combo

If you’re just starting out and looking for an affordable combo, the Sozu set could be perfect. You’ll get an excellent quality pair of scissors but it also comes with all the bling including a bright pink purple and gold handle and blade set with a pretty crystal.   

If there’s too many scissors to choose from and you’re not sure what’s the best individual or combo set of thinning scissors for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll listen to your requirements and offer our expert opinion. 

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