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Matsui Ergo Bundle

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Do your current scissors have an ergonomic handle? These ones do and they feel great.

Choosing the right blade for the right job can make a huge difference to how easily the scissor cuts through the hair, our slide cutting scissors have a razor sharp edge for slicing though hair with ease, and our barbering/chipping in scissors have a robust edge that can put up with the punishment of opening and closing the blades repeatedly and are less likely to chip if you bump the comb while cutting scissor over comb.

All our scissors come with a lifetime warranty and are made from high quality Japanese steel that lasts.

This package includes:

5.7" Ergonomic offset scissor for ladies cuts and slicing

6.5" Ergonomic offset scissor for men's cuts/scissor over comb/drycutting and chipping in

6" Ergonomic offset Thinning scissor


Scissor oil

Life time warranty