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Lefty Matsui Silver Elegance - Scissor Thinner Combo

Sale price £229.00 Regular price £499.00

Clients and hairstylists just can't take their eyes off our Matsui Silver Elegance collection, and it's obvious to see why.

The colourful Swarovski Crystal adds just the right hint of brilliance to this undeniably gorgeous combo. The crystal comes in 15 different colours for you to choose from. Please refer to our colour chart. It also serves as a tension system for better use and tension adjustment.

This combo includes a choice between a 5-inch and 6-inch cutting scissor, along with a 5.5-inch thinning scissor. The scissors included in this set uses a well-refined offset handle which is preferred by 9 out of 10 experts. Its ergonomic design helps in minimizing the risks of wrist pain and other potential injuries.

The scissors are kept securely in Scissor Tech zip up case that comes with complimentary fingerloops, cleaning cloth and oil pen.


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