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Lefty Matsui Refresh Ultimate Offset Scissor Set Bundle

Sale price £299.00 Regular price £999.00

Are you Left Handed and looking to refresh your scissor set and take a whole new approach to how you treat your scissors? Then this is the set you need.

Included in this set is:

Left Handed 5.5" Matsui Offset Slicing scissor for all your sliding/ladies cuts

Left Handed 6" Matsui offset scissor for all your blunt cutting, scissor over comb work and your barbering needs

Left Handed Matsui Chomper 14 tooth texturiser will speed up all your blending, and allow your to do some wicked new cuts in record time 

Left Handed 6" Matsui thinning scissor for all your basic thinning needs

The Matsui Refresh Ultimate offset scissor set comes with a lifetime warranty, high quality storage case, scissor oil and scissor tension adjuster.

All our scissors come with FREE express shipping!

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