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LEFTY Matsui Offset Thinner

Regular price £149.00

Scissor Tech UK gives the nation’s left-handed hair technicians thinners to love.

Just like other barbers and hairdressers across the country, you too can shout with glee ‘I love my Matsui thinners!’ You’ll understand why when you grasp this high-quality, 35-tooth thinning scissor made from very hard steel. Designed with a superior hollow ground, Matsui’s lefty scissors provide a smooth closing scissor that will last many years. Get a pair of your own and experience how they make a world of difference in your trade. You’ll soon find your clients joining you in your love for your Matsui thinners.

High-Grade Materials

Matsui scissors are made from handmade Japanese steel, delivering superior durability. Their finger-ring inserts are ergonomically curbed, giving you a better grip and offering you more comfort.

Fashionable Scissors

Our thinning scissors are sharp – not just in performance – but also in style. The body of the scissors looks chic and sleek, and their tension systems and handles boast fine detailing.

Best Prices

Scissor Tech UK gives you professional scissors at fantastic deals. As a Matsui National wholesaler, we are able to keep costs down and pass the savings to our customers.

Lifetime Warranty

Scissor Tech UK offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for all Matsui products. Enjoy the peace of mind that your scissors have a warranty against workmanship defects.

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